Defects Summary

Bug #TitleAffectsStatusImportanceAssigneeCom.Sub.Dup.
646638Upgrading from UNE 10.04 to 10.10 (Unity) took about 6 hours - kernel problem with ahci mode?update-managerConfirmedMedium-3640
646756Dash always matches the recent files, once they have matched onceunityInvalidMedium-321
40552Installation of "ubuntu-desktop" fails and prevents dist-upgradeupdate-managerWon't FixMediumMichael Vogt1383
646758Recent files appear duplicated in the DashunityFix ReleasedLow-310
646890After upgrading from UNE 10.04 to Unity, a global menu is always presentindicator-appmenuFix ReleasedUndecided-420